Bodeguilla de San Lázaro


Bodeguilla de San Lázaro

Since 2005 he has opened his cancilla in the Santiago district of S. Lázaro - precisely where the ancient road of the Jacobean pilgrimages entered the Santiago circuit to conclude the Bodeguilla de San Lázaro. This tavern thus decorates the landscape Compostela primigenio that receives the pilgrim and that gives to this one something of the astonishment necessary so that the conclusion of a way - even the one that until Santiago has led it - is never empty thing.

Inside this modern chapel of epicurean cult mixes diverse people and dreamers: congressmen welcomed in the neighboring Pazo de Congresos, pilgrims who recover from the fatigue born on the roads, students who initiate unpublished parrandas, officials evaded from their routines…

The Bodeguilla de San Lázaro is the enjoyment of a traditional and simple cuisine that, even so, is always nuanced with fine and subtle avant-garde touches. Therefore the customer is there entertained with a very wide and careful wine list.

Within the Bodeguilla de San Lázaro, there is a tasting room, a high chair where it is easy to achieve a fanciful blend of pleasure and erudition. It celebrates the erudite praise and the exquisite sacramental tasting of wines, oils, spirits and chocolates.

Eating and drinking, hand in hand, with people who seek the complicity of a smile and the friendly conversation, conforms the sentimental memory of this establishment. That is why Laude is so happy that La Bodeguilla de San Lázaro makes its visitors, always numerous, dreamy and recurrent.


We have the dishes with meat and fish fresh.


We have a wide variety of wines where you will find the best in the country.

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  • Address: San Lázaro, 104 - Santiago de Compostela
  • Phone: 981 566 607
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 00:00.
    Sundays from 10:00 to 16:00.